Secure your Mac by turning on its firewall application.

Published by Derrick Jennings

Firewall software fulfils a very important role in the security of a Mac computer.

Conceptuallysorted recommends a firewall application to protect your Mac computer from intruders.

A firewall application prevents unsafe network (and internet) connections from being established between your Mac and other computers. Surprisingly, a Mac’s firewall application is disabled by default. This leaves your computer vulnerable to attack on any public or university network.

Activate the Mac firewall application by …

  1. Click the Apple logo in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Now click on “System Preferences”.
  3. Click “Security & Privacy”
  4. Now select the “Firewall” tab.
  5. Click “Turn On Firewall”
  6. And then close “System Preferences”
  7. That’s it!