Case Study: The Start-up

Published by Derrick Jennings

News on 12 Jul , 2018

This case-study illustrates how Conceptuallysorted can provide a start-up friendly, cost-effective bespoke software development service to help a young business refine its products and demonstrate tangible progress to its shareholders at an early stage.



A start-up that we shall call Amazing Ideas Inc is a small business with a big vision and a small budget. It has less than five members in its team. They are a mixture of full-time, part-time employees and freelancers. The team want a functional website complete with the backend services, servers, databases, application integrations, etc. that will be necessary to pilot their product. Feedback gained at this stage will be used to enhance their existing market research and refine the product.

Prior to speaking to us, the team had received a number of eye-watering quotes from various suppliers. It was felt that accepting even the cheapest of these quotes would starve the project of the resources needed to refine the product and go to market.

What we did

We were able to provide an affordable client facing website and all of the backend-services, databases, integrations, etc. that was suitable for functional testing and prototyping. Approved features were promoted (by us) to the cloud environment (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, etc.) of their choice.


We believe that our fixed price service offers our clients the maximum level of flexibility at a price that cannot be beaten. Flexibility, the ability to quickly adapt to a changing competitive landscape is key ingredient in the success of any organisation.Our approach to software development supports flexibility and means that you will not be penalised for changing your mind about minor implementation details.

Things done your way

Unlike some software providers, we won’t try to change your organisation to match our software catalogue. We focus on creating the custom software that delivers the outcomes that you want by working the way that you want it to.