Yacht Sentry

Published by Derrick Jennings

You don’t have to be on a circumnavigation to recognise the benefits of resting at a peaceful anchorage. In fact, finding a quiet anchorage is one of the joys of sailing and something that we all look forward to.


Always vigilant

Whether you’re stopping for the night or just for a few hours, peace of mind comes from knowing that your boat is secure and that all of your belongings are safe. Even using the very best anchor can’t erase all doubt as your endeavours can be undermined by actions of another skipper who causes a less secure vessel to drag across it.

Simple to use

By using the GPS receiver that is built into your phone or tablet, Yacht-Sentry is able to monitor your boat’s current position and alerts you to problems as soon as they are detected. Yacht-Sentry is easy to use and operate. Simply set the size of the safety zone surrounding your vessel and you will be alerted when your boat has strayed outside it.


  • Audio alerts mean that you can get some shut-eye or be in different cabin and still receive notifications
  • Visual alerts appear on-screen so you don’t have to wait for an email* or SMS* message
  • Email* alerting means that you can receive notifications wherever you happen to be provided that you’re connected to the internet
  • SMS* alerting allows you to receive notifications on several cellular enabled devices.

With Yacht-Sentry onboard you can go ashore with confidence and really enjoy the experience.

Yacht-Sentry Application Screen Shots


Yacht-Sentry is available in for Android in the Google Play Store. Find out more about Yacht Sentry

*Alerts sent via email and SMS require internet and cellular connectivity. These services may involve additional network charges (depending on your package)