Case Study: The Conceptuallysorted Information System Health Check

Published by Derrick Jennings

News on 17 Jul , 2018

This case-study illustrates how a Conceptuallysorted Information System Health Check can help your business to meet its strategic, tactical or regulatory compliance objectives.



A small business that we shall call Amazing Ideas Inc, operates in a regulated environment. Due to impending changes in this environment, the management team wish to identify any areas of non-compliance within in their computer systems so any remedial work can be effected in good time.

What we did

We arranged a site visit where we spoke to users (those responsible for day-to-day activities e.g. sending emails, booking orders, etc.) and system administrators (those responsible for backups, email servers, etc.) to understand how the system was used, how it was protected and any problems that had been encountered in its use.

We used this information to create a report describing areas of concern as well as those that could benefit from improvement. Our report covered not only the specific issues that related to the regulatory changes, but it also covered any problems that we discovered during our data gathering visit. Once completed, the report was presented to the Amazing Ideas Inc management team for their consideration.

Having reviewed our recommendations, the management team happy with our work, asked us to implement the system changes.