Business Software Beyond Excel

Published by Derrick Jennings

Conceptuallysorted can integrate Excel into new automated workflows.

Running your own business is hard work. Marketing, sales, accounts and product development all require your input. There’s always something to do and a constant pressure to achieve it with fewer resources at the lowest possible price.

Given the constraints on time and budget it’s easy to understand why business owners might choose a pragmatic “That will do,” approach to technology.

However, whilst some technology choices will prove to be an impediment to the future success of a business others may offer a significant advantage. The skill lies in knowing which is which.

At Conceptuallysorted we have a team of professionals who are able to…

  • Quickly orientate themselves within the context of your business.
  • Perform effectively under pressure to create custom software that delivers results.
  • Work with the stakeholders in order to…
    • Fully understand your business problem and the importance of achieving the desired outcomes.
    • Determine both your functional and your non-functional business requirements.
    • Document the existing business processes & work-flows, and the technology & data architectures.
    • Establish the technical feasibility of a proposal developing proof-of-concept trials where required).
    • Identify technical and project risks with a view to devising an appropriate management strategy.
  • Manage projects through all stages of the project lifecycle using either traditional or agile (SCRUM) approaches

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