Finding your way around Yacht-Sentry

Published by Derrick Jennings

The following symbols are used to navigate around the Yacht-Sentry app

Pressing Sailor Boaty will help you to either set / reset a safety zone or to centre the map on your vessel’s current location. Learn more about safety zones. Learn more about centring the map


Pressing Detective Boaty will display useful information about your vessel and the current safety zone. To dismiss this information press anywhere on the screen outside of the information dialog.

white-cross-find-saved-position Pressing the white cross will centre the map on the middle of the current safety zone.
yacht-sentry-map-pin Yacht-Sentry supports a number of different map types. You can switch between them by pressing the map pin.
yacht-sentry-main-menu Pressing the three vertical dots (usually located in the top left corner of the screen) will launch the Yacht-Sentry main menu. From here it is possible to configure the app settings, get information about the version of the app that is being used and launch the help pages. Learn more about the Yacht-Sentry configuration.