Yacht Sentry Terms of Use & Privacy

Published by Derrick Jennings

Terms of Use

Use of the Yacht-Sentry app, any associated websites and web services is subject to acceptance of our terms and conditions of use.

In using the Yacht-Sentry app

  • You acknowledge that the safety of your vessel, its crew and its passengers remains the responsibility of the skipper or captain.
  • You accept that there are many factors that may prevent the transmission and / or the receipt of a Yacht-Sentry alert notification. These include (but are not limited to) environmental factors such as weather, device configuration, Yacht-Sentry configuration, defective hardware and software defects.

Accordingly, Conceptuallysorted Ltd is not responsible for the security of your vessel or the safety of its occupants. Nor is Conceptuallysorted Ltd liable for any loss or damages sustained as a result of any software defect, failure to transmit or receive alerts or other anomalous operation of the Yacht-Sentry app and its associated services. Read more about our terms and conditions


We care about the privacy of our customers, it’s very important to us and for these reasons we will always seek to provide the tools necessary to allow you to control the information that you share with us.

Some information such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser agent details, etc. may be passed by your devices to our servers during your use of our applications, services and websites. The exchange of this type of data is part of the normal interaction of devices that are connected to the internet and is outside of our control.

Wherever possible, when data is explicitly collected by our website, applications or services we will describe what is being collected and what features will be unavailable if you disable that collection. Learn more about privacy & confidentiality at Conceptuallysorted