Yacht Sentry Map

Published by Derrick Jennings

Yacht Sentry’s uncluttered map view means that at a glance you can instantly see the if you’re protected.

Yacht Sentry map view with an inactive safety zone

Map view with an inactive safety-zone (the default)

The map is Yacht Sentry’s main screen. From here it is possible to set and reset your safety-zone. It is also possible to use your finger to drag the map to explore the area and discover new features. You can always return to your current position by pressing the Sailor Boaty image. You can learn more about Boaty here. When there is an active safety-zone, Sailor Boaty will appear be surrounded by a read dashed circle (as in the image below).

Yacht Sentry map view with an active safety zone

Map view with an active safety-zone.

Touching Detective Boaty will display more information about the safety-zone. Learn more about the safety-zone