Update aging computer systems to avoid business interruptions

Published by Derrick Jennings

News on 1 Aug , 2016

Conceptuallysorted recommend updating aging computer systems.

Conceptuallysorted is dedicated to helping businesses to maximise the return on their IT investment.

  • We offer fixed price projects to protect you against unforeseen expenses.
  • Our extensive business management & leadership experience means that we…
    • Are able to communicate effectively with stakeholders of all levels of seniority.
    • Can quickly orientate ourselves within the context of your business in order to identify solutions to your business problems.

We are able to provide support in wide variety of areas including…

  • Data migration.
  • System and application migration.
  • System upgrades.
  • System and application decommissioning.
  • Database design.
  • Agile project management using SCRUM.

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