Shop around before paying for things on your smartphone.

Published by Derrick Jennings

Having purchased a smartphone most owners begin the process of customisation by installing apps, music, movies, etc.. Typically, this means making purchases using the default store apps that have been installed on your smartphone.

Depending on your device that choice will be either the Apple App Store and iTunes, Microsoft’s XBOX Music and XBOX Video or Google’s Play Store.

Smartphone users need to shop around.

All stores are created equal?

Unfortunately, each store is different. The availability of content is a key differentiator meaning that some stores have more applications, songs, films, books and magazines than others. However, I have found that whilst Apple has the most content and Microsoft has the least, where there is parity Google has the lowest prices (although not always).

Can I choose where to purchase content for my smartphone?

When it comes to apps Android is the only platform that routinely supports the installation of apps from outside the default App Store. However, the situation is very different when it comes to other content such as music and movies. In this area there is genuine competition from which the shrewd smartphone owner can benefit.

Are the savings worth the effort?

On at lease one occasion I have managed to save around £5 on an album purchase by using XBOX Music instead of the Play Store. Usually I am able to save between £1 and £2 by choosing an alternative store for my music and movie purchases. Proving that for smartphones users it really can pay to shop around.

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