ProLeedz CRM Knowing the True Cost of a Sales Lead.

Published by Derrick Jennings

News on 14 Oct , 2016

This week I have been working on ProLeedz our cloud-based Customer Relationship Management application. It is available for FREE during its pre-release phases. Follow this link for more information on pricing.

ProLeedz Marketing Dashboard

The focus of this week’s efforts have been around bringing the various pieces together to form something that others may find useful. I have had some success although page navigation remains a problem. Fixing this will be my focus for next week.

Sales Leads

Various changes have been made to the data that is captured during the creation and processing of a sales lead. This will make it possible to track…

  • The money and the time that has been spent developing a sales lead.
  • The activities have been performed during the life-time of the sales lead
  • The people that have been involved in processing a sales lead & the nature of their involvement
  • The result of the sales lead e.g. a new customer or a new order, etc.

Ultimately, these metrics will be used in the ProLeedz Business Value suite of reports. Analysis of these reports will help to identify the true business value of a sales lead and over time the value of that lead versus the revenue that it generated. This information can be used to help inform future pre-sales activity leading to more cost-effective approach.

In addition, members of the sales team can be given targets for the number and type of sales lead that they must generate. Targets can also be set for the activity that’s associated with developing a lead. Capturing this data makes it possible to establish the performance of a sales team or a sales person.

I will be on stand 57 at the East Kent B2B Exhibition in Folkestone on the 1st of November 2016. So if you can make it come over and say hi.

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