Opinion: iPad Pro puts Profit before Productivity [updated].

Published by Derrick Jennings

A while back Apple released a larger more powerful iPad called the iPad Pro. As its name suggests it’s aimed at professionals.People who intend to use it to help them make money.

It’s not a cheap device but it has an advantage over its cheaper cousin in that it has been designed to work with a stylus. Styli are great as they are more accurate than a finger for many common tasks and so help to make the user more productive. Productivity is king in the world of commerce and so a stylus equipped iPad presents an attractive proposition to business.
Unfortunately, according to some reports somebody circling the loop at Cupertino didn’t get the memo and so the ability to use the stylus has been curtailed.

It’s hard to see what Apple can possibly hope to gain by demonstrating to potential business customers that the the profitability of their business can be undermined without any consultation or leave to appeal. I wonder how many early adopters are regretting their decision to choose an iPad Pro over Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4.


The guys and girls at fruit-loop-central have decided that the omission was made in error and will be corrected (eventually). So that’s all right then.