What do we do?

Published by Derrick Jennings

Conceptuallysorted is an IT consultancy that specialises in building great custom software (also known as a software house). We create bespoke software that is specific to a business and its processes, helping it to preserve its unique identity in a crowded marketplace.

Conceptuallysorted design, develop, maintain and evolve business software

Today, just about every business has a reliance on IT. However, getting the most value from that investment isn’t easy. As a business grows and its strategy evolves its IT capability must be adapted and extended to cope.

Often this involves the implementation of point solutions that may not be congruent with the wider organisational goals and strategy.

IT systems that evolve in an organic way are typically fragmented, more complex, difficult to reason about and therefore more expensive to modify. This makes it harder for your organisation to respond to changes in its competitive environment.

We can help by…

  • Building bespoke software that joins your business processes together providing an efficient and effective IT capability
  • Writing custom software applications for mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android), web, desktop (Windows or Mac) and server
  • Constructing software bridges between applications to create new automated workflows
  • Searching the marketplace on your behalf to identify suitable IT hardware and software solutions
  • Creating technology roadmaps to ensure alignment between your IT and your business strategy

In addition to the above, we’re happy to offer technology advice wherever we can.

The initial consultation is FREE and without obligation, so why not arrange yours today?