Information Technology Project Rescue

Published by Derrick Jennings

News on 13 Nov , 2016

Due to their complexity and expense, projects that involve technology will benefit from independent professional oversight at the outset. Our Information Technology Project Rescue service is the perfect vehicle for providing help and advice when changing or upgrading your technology.

Projects that dont deliver the expected benefit are not aligned with the strategy

Projects involving technology are frequently late, often more expensive than originally forecast and deliver less benefit than expected.

Fortunately, our Information Technology Project Rescue service is designed to address these issues. It can help projects that are in-flight as well as those that are still in the exploratory stage.


  • Project Planning
  • Project Risk Management
  • Project Review & Process Improvement


  • Control over project schedules
  • Risk mitigation
  • Independent oversight
  • Control over cost
  • Projects that are aligned with the business objectives

We can help…

  • To turn around a business or technology project that’s in danger.
  • Provide an extra pair of hands when you’re a man down with a deadline looming.
  • To get your crashed system up and running smoothly again.

The initial consultation is free. The Information Technology Project Rescue service starts from as little as £200 per day. Fixed price quotes are available on request. Contact us to get your IT project back on track