Finding Profitability Through Automation

Published by Derrick Jennings

News on 21 Apr , 2016

In order to be successful an organisation must continue to develop its business processes inline with its evolving business strategy. This will necessitate modifications to its existing workflows and / or the creation of new ones that must be mapped onto its IT platform.

Find your profitability in automation.

healthy information system is able to support an organisation’s business strategy and can be adapted to accommodate the resultant workflows with relative ease and at minimal cost. A sure sign of an unhealthy information system is one where the changes necessary to support the business are  considered either too disruptive or too expensive to implement.

Faced with this situation enterprising business teams will introduce manual processes that map, transform and cleanse business data in order to maintain interoperability between different IT systems or to satisfy management reporting requirements.

Unfortunately, this approach to delivering the organisations strategy is not sustainable.  Over time, this pattern of activity will be repeated many times resulting in a fragmented information system with an increasing number of fragile, poorly documented, manually intensive semi-automated business processes. The nature of these activities means that the detail of their operation is abstracted away hiding their true cost from members of the management team.

An organisation’s responsiveness, its competitiveness and its profitability are adversely affected by these hidden cost. They mount an effective challenge to the authority of the management team and its ability to deliver value by undermining their efforts to respond to change or capitalise on nascent market opportunities.

At Conceptuallysorted we are able to shine a light into your organisation illuminating wasteful, expensive and redundant processes whilst identifying misalignment between your business strategy and your IT capability.  We have the expertise necessary to optimise and automate your business processes.

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