Case Study: Supplier or Application Software Evaluation

Published by Derrick Jennings

Creating a system requirements document to evaluate suppliers and their application software is time consuming. This case-study illustrates how Conceptuallysorted can take the strain and the hassle out of your software procurement process, whilst ensuring that the most appropriate application software from the best supplier is chosen for your business.



A growing business that we shall call Amazing Ideas Inc is looking for a customer relationship management (CRM) system to manage and develop sales opportunities. Having surveyed the market, the management team find themselves overwhelmed by the variety of products available and ask us at Conceptuallysorted for help.

What we did

We conducted several on-site fact-finding meetings to identify the key features and operating characteristics that were required in the new system. We used this information to produced a requirements document that could be used in the procurement process and presented it to the management team for approval. Once the final list of requirements had been approved the management team were asked to indicate those requirements that were essential and those that were optional / nice-to-have.

Armed with the approved requirements, we surveyed the market place to identify the available CRM systems and their vendors. We arranged for demo accounts with the various vendors and conducted a series of tests to evaluate the performance of their products based on their ability to satisfy the list of requirements.

At the end of the product evaluations we created a report that both described and ranked the CRM systems based on their ability to satisfy the business requirements.

This provided the management team with an objective review of the available CRM systems and enabled them to make an informed purchase. By outsourcing the market research and product evaluation to Conceptuallysorted, the management team were able to focus on the other aspects of their business without the constant interruptions caused by vendor phone calls and queries.